Lucie’s Diamonds n ° 1: Data Tables

DataTable screenshot in FileMaker

Display data in a list layout, create understandable header, then, for good UI / UX create quick sorting with icones buttons, think about the search field … Write scripts, fields and test everything.

Sure, I could show data in a portal. But, what about filters ? Kinda long, right ?

And if I could spend my time to do something else and automate that ?

No more buttons, no more global field for searching, no more scripts actions ?

I come from the Web developpement world. I know and use a lot of libraries for the website I developped. So, why not a DataTable after all ?

I just made a custom function in FileMaker to generate my data “as I wanted in my DataTable”, add a Webviewer and BOOM : (Yes this is in FileMaker with reals data)

A gif to show how DataTable is working with sort and paging

Great isn’t it ?

But with so much data, how to filter ? Because, for me, it’s the most important feature: I added some options.

A gif to show how DataTable is working with sort, paging and search.

How did I do that ?

A bit of Json, a bit of HTML and a webviewer. 👍🏻 And yes, that’s it.

Want to know how to do that ?

Or just have it ? Contact me here.

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Lucie Guilbert

Lucie Guilbert

They say I'm effervescent so I disappear in several bubbles - Web/FileMaker Consultant at Lesterius